US Diversity Visa Lottery: 10 Frequently Asked Questions

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US Diversity Visa Lottery: 10 Frequently Asked Questions

The Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery program by the US government is a means to randomly select 50,000 applicants from around the world for issuance of the Permanent Resident Card or Green Card so that they can live, study and work in the USA. Here are 10 key facts about DV lottery application.

Can anyone apply for the DV Lottery?

Not everyone is eligible to apply for residency through this program, which is aimed at inviting people from certain countries to diversify the US population. Additionally, applicants need to meet certain educational and work experience requirements to apply. Note that the list of qualifying countries is revised every year.

What is the minimum age to apply for DV Lottery?

There is no minimum age limit to apply for this lottery; however, applicants need to possess a high school degree or have two years’ work experience, which means that younger applicants are disqualified at the very outset.

Can an applicant who wins the lottery bring family?

Yes. The winner’s spouse and children under 21 years of age are also eligible for permanent residency in the US, provided their names were included in the application.

Can both spouses submit separate applications?

Yes. This also slightly increases the chances of winning the lottery for both individuals if each included the spouse in his or her application. You can also save on the application fee by choosing the joint application form.

Can people who are currently in the United States apply?

Yes, if they meet the eligibility criteria of country and education/work experience.

Can someone from a country not included in the qualifying list also apply?

Yes. If your spouse is from a qualifying country, you can claim that country as your country of birth. You can also claim the country of birth of your mother or father as your country of birth, provided they were not residents of the ineligible country when you were born.

How many applications can a person submit in a year?

You can apply to the lottery only once every year. Multiple applications will result in disqualification.

How does a winner get to know they have won the lottery?

The US Department of State does not inform successful applicants that they have won the lottery. You must check your application status online using the information provided to you at the time of submission.

Should one use a submission service or apply directly?

While you can always apply directly, there are some advantages to using a professional service specializing in US DV lottery applications. They will review your application for errors, ensure that your photos meet the application requirements, and apply on your behalf each year until you are selected. Using a submission service for green card lottery application eliminates your chances of disqualifying due to incomplete or incorrect information.

What is DV-2020?

It is the name given to the 2018 lottery program, as winners of the 2018 lottery will get to enter the US in 2020.

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