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Angkor, Cambodia: Chapter 2, The Andu Project

Lars Lars the perennially drunken Norseman had a preposterous idea. Yet some ideas, as this one most certainly did, open like a door onto a world of wholly unexpected adventure and, well, just goodness. Plain goodness. ‘Why not get him to run in a race?’ The ‘race’ turned out to be the 10K event at […]

Yellowstone, Wyoming: A Love Note to Our Buffalo

I don’t know why you’re so excited,” AA  said. He was not impressed. Apparently, a herd of buffalo was not worth leaving the air-conditioning for. So far my plan to instill upon him the majesty of Yellowstone wasn’t going well. “We have cows hanging out in the streets in India and you think I’ll be excited about […]

Golden Triangle, Thailand: A Shan Drug Lord and a Motorcycle Sensei

It all started with a….Yes, indeedy. As any of my half-dozen or so readers will now guess, our trip into the Golden Triangle did indeed start with a request. And the adventure that resulted? Let’s just say Kawasaki ER-6 street bikes and a whole bunch of beautiful bendy roads. And a drug lord’s hideout, and […]

Vang Vieng, Laos: This One Time…

Wait, that can’t be right, I thought to myself as I checked my bank balance on a computer in my Bangkok hostel, ‘the money should have cleared by now.’ This was how Vang Vieng started. You see, I’d received a tax refund cheque from the UK government shortly after I’d left London a few weeks […]

Haridwar, India: A Rich Tapestry

Travelling to India as a solo female traveller at the age of 17 was, in retrospect, not the best idea. People I told of my plans would advise me to ‘stay safe’ without really giving me any advice about how to go about keeping myself safe. However, I wasn’t completely naïve and I understood India […]

Tehran, Iran: Rediscovering Freedom

It has been exactly three years since I left Iran after living there for two months in 2014. Just yesterday, upon meeting someone new, I was asked about the top three craziest things I had ever done in my life. My decision to move to Iran and work for Simorgh Theatre Group (a children’s puppet […]

Shan State/Thailand Border: Exploding Monk

Little Minx had just got off the phone. “Bai leo. Sanook mac.” [Let’s go, it’ll be fun]. “What?” “The funeral.” It didn’t sound all that promising. But what did I know? I’d never been to a top monk’s funeral, and Little Minx seemed certain that it would be a great day out. We crammed ourselves […]

Antarctica: Fire, Ice and Penguins

There are some places in the world that are so challenging to live in that only the most intrepid and strong individuals can hope to live there, even for a short time. Living in Antarctica takes guts, self sufficiency, strength, co-operation, pragmatism, rationalism and a constructive outlook. Blood curdling cold, snowy, bleak, dry and incredibly […]

Ibadan, Nigeria: A Violent Shade of Love

The first time I ever lived alone was in Ibadan. It was a self-contained room in a partial two-storey building. Getting the house was a herculean task, it involved spending one month chasing agent after agent before I got the room. The landlord, who we all called Alhaji, lived on the second floor alone, his […]

Israel: Sushi Dipped in Hummus

Sounds like a culinary catastrophe, right? Well that’s how I described myself during my Bar Mitzvah speech and, despite the less than appetizing culinary concoction, the crowd – figuratively – ate it up. I am half-Japanese and half-Israeli and I grew up spending most of my time in Los Angeles, yet passing three to four months […]