Interview with Rajesh Pavithran: Founder of the First Blockchain-Based Freelancing Service

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Rajesh Pavithran

Interview with Rajesh Pavithran: Founder of the First Blockchain-Based Freelancing Service

Hello! Can you tell us a bit about yourself? It is a pleasure to be here and thank you for the invitation. My name is Rajesh Pavithran and I have been serving various types of companies, both small and large, for a number of decades since graduating from Mangalore University, Washington. Technology has always inspired me and this inspiration lead to the idea of creating a unique freelancing marketplace that is not only different from the conventional platforms, but provides added value for its users.

What are your focus areas and why? Being a creative strategist, I’ve served scores of companies for the last 19 years. This extensive experience and love for creative solutions inspired me to launch BoonTech, which focuses on value-added freelancing services. The idea is to serve users with monetary leverage. BoonTech is a Free Service, which means that employers and freelancers don’t have to pay a commission while working on their projects. Secondly, BoonTech offers cryptocurrency rewards to its users. So the main focus is on letting freelancers get what they deserve and employers cut their budges by not having to pay a service fee.

How would you describe BoonTech in a few words? Innovative, value-oriented and trendsetting are the three keywords that I most relate to BoonTech. It truly marks the new freelancing era. This is the first blockchain-based freelancing marketplace. It is decentralized and involves all the positives of cryptocurrency. The AI-Driven BoonTech is something you’ve never experienced before.

Where do you think you are making an impact? Even if you keep aside the free services and rewards, BoonTech is set to make an impact via its currency hedging technology. This technology is exclusive to BoonTech and, hopefully, we’ll earn the patent rights shortly. The currency hedging technology eliminates the risk of uncertain currency fluctuation. Generally, for shorter projects, exchange rate fluctuation doesn’t have much impact, but when it comes to longer projects (those requiring over a week’s time) currency fluctuation has an impact. Suppose if you post a web development project for 200USD in Boon Dollar equivalent, the fluctuation of the cryptocurrency value is so swift and uncertain that you can’t say where it is going to land in the coming week. The currency hedging technology reduces this risk. BoonTech has pegged its BoonDollar with the most stable currency, the US Dollar. In this way, the uncertain value of cryptocurrency doesn’t have an impact. This technology allows employers and freelancers to set rates with more confidence.

What are some of the biggest challenges you encountered while building BoonTech?  When you have a talented team and know how to lead them efficiently, things become easier, but still, challenges are inevitable. The thing is, each innovative step creates challenges. We’ve worked hard and dealt with the challenges well, and here is the ultimate product.

Tell us a few of your success stories. Serving over 500 companies in itself is an encouraging success story, but I count it as a greater success whenever I help a startup to establish and grow. However, the biggest success story is, yes you got it right, actually developing BoonTech!

What advice do you have for freelancers? Work hard, schedule your routine and feel the responsibility. Freelancing brings freedom, but remember that this freedom shouldn’t spoil you. Join BoonTech and start exploring the latest and most efficient freelancing platform.

Anything else you would like to share with our readers? Keep learning! There’s no end to the learning phase. For instance, if you are a content writer, try to expand your skill set by learning the art of creative writing, eBooks, a bit of designing and social media content creation. Things keep changing so you need to adapt accordingly.