Arizona: What to Expect on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

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Arizona: What to Expect on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Do you want to experience flying like the birds, totally unhurried, and traveling at a leisurely pace enjoying the gentle breeze? Do away with the noisy engines and propellers of an airplane and hop on a hot air balloon to float in the air in a whimsical manner. The gentle sways of the basket have a hypnotic calming effect on your senses. More so, uninhibited serene scenery will unfold before your eyes, making for a perfect picnic in the skies.

Air ballooning is considered to be among the most relaxing aerial activities one can indulge in. Everything about the hot air balloon is subtle and delicate, yet exciting in its own right. Throughout history, hot air balloons have always been considered to be a leisurely activity rather than a means of transport. From setting up the balloon to flying in it to landing it, the whole experience retains an old world charm. Even in today’s times, the basics of flying in a hot air balloon remain quite primitive, adding to the tranquil appeal.

The huge air balloon is filled with hot air using a propane/ gas stove. Once the balloon is filled with the air, you can then climb into the basket made of wick. Apart from being extremely light, the wicker basket provides a unique experience and a floaty feel. The takeoff and landing are as gentle as the flight itself, and one seldom experiences jolts and jerks throughout the journey. As the sense of heights and movement are smooth, air balloon flights are apt for people with a phobia of heights too!

Serene balloon rides make for an excellent romantic getaway for a few hours. Since hot air balloon rides take place only a few hours after the sun rises and a few hours before sunset, they are easy on the eyes, and provide a dreamy experience. Most tour operators help set up a romantic atmosphere with champagne, strawberries etc., to make such trips all the more special. What’s more, proposing to your loved one up above in the sky will make your proposal all the more special and memorable!

Arizona - Hot Air Balloon

Arizona – Hot Air Balloon

You can also opt for group tours, were you are grouped with a number of strangers to enjoy the flight with. It is a great event for socializing and allows you to meet like-minded people from different walks of life and parts of the world. Having a leisurely chat with complete strangers while enjoying the gentle breeze hundreds of feet above the earth’s surface is an experience in itself.

It is worth going on a hot air balloon at least once, just to experience the view in itself. There are few things in life that can rival the scenery from a little basket high above the surface of the earth. If you are looking to set up a hot air ballooning holiday in Arizona, check out, where they offer a variety of tour options to suit your requirements.

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