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Kenya: Where to Find the Best Barbecued Crocodile

A typical trip to Kenya is all about nature, Masai life and stories of hunting. My trip to Kenya in 2013 was an exciting one. I have many fabulous memories of the adventurous journey – starting with chasing a lion in the open tourist van, kissing a giraffe in the giraffe center and trying the […]

Ibadan, Nigeria: A Violent Shade of Love

The first time I ever lived alone was in Ibadan. It was a self-contained room in a partial two-storey building. Getting the house was a herculean task, it involved spending one month chasing agent after agent before I got the room. The landlord, who we all called Alhaji, lived on the second floor alone, his […]

Bulawayo, Zimbabawe: From the Barracks to the Country

When I was born, my father served as a driver in the Army. This meant that we had the privilege of living in the Army barracks. I do not really recall how the place was, but I know that it was just on the outskirts of Bulawayo, the second largest city in Zimbabwe and the […]

Cotonou, Benin: A Graduation Trip

I have been to Cotonou, the capital of Benin, twice. My first visit to Cotonou was in 2007, after I had just graduated from high school and was waiting for admission into the university. A few friends and I decided to celebrate our graduation by spending some time in an affordable place outside Nigeria. Naturally […]

Bondoukou, Cote’d’Ivoire: Lessons from the Countryside

Nature and the simple life have always held a special attraction for me. Growing up in Delhi, in what was a suburban part of the city, had instilled in me a love for nature and solitude. With India urbanizing at a rapid clip, and having lived for the most part in its cities, it was […]

Pretoria, South Africa: Culture Meets History

The first stop on my month-long backpacking trip was to South Africa’s biggest city, Johannesburg – or Joburg as it’s commonly known – and the nearby city of Pretoria. Joburg got its start as a gold-mining settlement in the late 1800s and has grown into a sprawling metropolis with a mix of colonial architecture and […]

Ibadan, Nigeria: An Eventful Ride

The first time I came to Ibadan was in 2000 when I was seven; it was a sleepy journey sitting at the back of the car with my sister who was three then. What made me remember it so vividly was our trip to the Zoo and Trans Amusement Park. Growing up in Kogi State […]

Cape Town, South Africa: Moving Between Worlds

Cape Town and I have always had a strange relationship, much like Cape Town’s relationship with its colonizers, its slaves and the rest of South Africa. Cape Town is the only province not run by the ruling party, and because of this, it has flown its own flag and declared itself a mecca for white […]

Cape Town, South Africa: The Best Thank You

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the little ‘heaven’ of Africa. Popularly known as the “Mother City” in South Africa, it is a prime tourist destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Located at the southern tip of the African continent, Cape Town is simply a jewel and […]

Kano, Nigeria: Visit 1000 Years of History

If you are someone that loves African history and antiques, then a trip to the Gidan Makama museum in Kano, Nigeria will no doubt interest you. Located in the popular Kano State (450km from Abuja) the museum is without a doubt one of the most visited places in the whole region at this time. The […]